Shapes craftmanship, transparencies and colours.

The Murano glass craftsmanship has been known for centuries all over the world because of its uniqueness, style and creativity.

Each single Antica Murrina jewel is a synopsis of traditional craftsmanship and stylistic vocation, fashion-focused and trendy. Its foundation is the age-old manufacturing skill to create finely worked beads, elegantly transparent and in refined colours. Each glass boule is made from a Murano glass cane and lamp worked, one by one. Thus each single Antica Murrina jewel is unique as it is individually and completely hand crafted and created. Each single Antica Murrina piece stems from the experience of a Murano master glassmaker who breathes life into the masterpiece with energy and manual skill. Antica Murrina passion is fully expressed in the perfect union of age-old workmanship, style, creativity and innovation launching it into the universe of contemporary fashion.