We are deeply rooted in a century-old tradition of artistic glass manufacturing.


Brothers Achille and Francesco Voltolina were inspired by the idea of using glass to create jewels as far back as the 60s. The first company, called Vittorio Voltolina, was set up in those years, manufacturing and exporting Venetian fashion jewellery worldwide. To diversify their range of products they also specialised in producing and marketing crystal and blown glass chandeliers.


The company registers the Antica Murrina Veneziana brand. It specialises in the production of mosaic glass pendants, crafted using the ancient “murrine” or mosaic glasswork art. The “murrina” thus becomes a symbol of Murano craftsmanship and tradition made available on world-wide markets.


The creative spirit of the new team of designers creates the new collection of glass beads. MISSION: combining the extraordinary qualities of craftsmanship with the energy of industrial design and new materials to create GLASS JEWELS.


The Voltolina brothers’ passion for the art of “handcrafting” leads them to collaborating with the famous glasswork architect Alessandro Lenarda; The book “MURRINE” is published in that year and “Lungo viaggio delle perle di vetro”(The long journey of the glass beads) is published in the following year.


The opening of the first Antica Murrina flagship store in St. Mark’s Square in Venice starts off the mono brand boutique and shop-in-shop project: there are already over fifty worldwide, and many more will be opened soon.


2010 is a decisive year as Antica Murrina implements its rebranding policy with the aim of renewing the company image as well as its communications and corporate governance. A partnership with the communication agency Hangar Design Group leads to the development of a coordinate image targeting a higher and more refined market segment and, through a consistent repositioning and a new brand architecture, it has become a fashion leader in the world.

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