2014-12-01 21:09:16

Maggie Wilson-Consunji The Face of Antica Murrina Venezia Philippines

Antica Murrina jewelry from Venice capture the hearts of many, not only for its color and unique textures, but also for its one of a kind design and celebrated craftsmanship. Appreciation for this kind of statement pieces is now being shared to us by the chosen FACE for Antica Murrina Philippines, Ms. Margaret Wilson - Consunji - a lady exuding with fine taste and inclination to culture and arts, having had a chance to witness herself Murano glass blowers create intricate pieces during her visits to the beautiful Venetian island of Murano. She delightfully shares " Antica Murrina is a celebration of handcrafted jewelry - they are truly masterpiece of Murano. And having a chance to own one, is priceless - because no same pieces of jewelry will ever be exactly alike."

It is a privilege for the owners of the Nardone Family to have Maggie on board as the brand ambassadress - "She is a well known and versatile young Fahsion Model / Icon who is into designing fabulous resort wear pieces, a fashion blogger and a beauty queen who is now venturing into Interior Design - clearly she is on top of her game and we want women like her to appreciate wearing Antica Murrina jewelry be it for everyday wear, casual or business, leisure or formal evenings, there is a collection for everyone."

"In this age of variety and unlimited choices, we know that, Antica Murrina Philippines is on its way to become well known for all ladies who go for unique, timeless and elegant pieces that will complement every women's wardrobe."

Maggie Wilson-Consunji Interview for Antica Murrina Venezia Phlippines